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Hello, I’m Debra Wingfield, Educator and Lifelong Learner,

From my early years, I became an educator. My first students were my dolls and stuffed animals. I stood in front of the blackboard in our basement teaching them what I was learning in school and in life.

Fast forward to my early years as a casework supervisor in our local Department of Social Services. My students were parents who wanted to improve their parenting skills. I, also, educated student interns and fellow staff members about family issues, parenting, and personal/professional development.

While my professional journey was progressing, I realized my childhood experiences were still impacting my life. I faced the issues of childhood sexual abuse and transformed my life.

As an adult, I turned my experience into an opportunity to help others as I was helped to heal. 

My current husband, “good ole #3” as we fondly say to each other, introduced me to the specialty practice of Domestic Violence Intervention/Treatment. It was immediately apparent that this was another facet of the abuse healing work I was already doing. I immersed myself in learning everything I could about domestic violence dynamics, impacts on victims, and the mentality and characteristics of offenders.

My counseling practice expanded to include work with domestic violence victims, offenders, and silent witness victims, the children of offenders and victims. While I was a practicing counselor, my desire to teach and train about what I was learning gained strength again. I developed domestic violence intervention and treatment courses to meet the training needs of aspiring counselors and treatment providers in Colorado and across the U.S.

My teaching and training career shifted into high gear. My workshops became courses offered through University of Southern Colorado – now Colorado State University – Pueblo, as well as Regis University in Denver. I was living my dream career – teaching on topics I feel very passionate about even to this day.

Then, my health took a nosedive. Injuries from an auto accident that occurred during my doctoral program flared up and I was told to stop working altogether. I knew the doctors were right on target so I ceased working and concentrated on healing my body.

It took no time at all before I was “secretly” researching the Internet for what advances were taking place in Domestic Violence Intervention and Treatment. I talked to my doctors about working part-time. They were unsupportive and I was at a crossroads. I realized I already had a multitude of information on my computer that I could turn into books to continue teaching in this manner.

With the growth and flexibility of the Internet, new teaching avenues opened up. I became a virtual educator/trainer. All my workshops and university courses were translated into virtual trainings.

Now, those trainings are available to a wider audience of professionals who come into daily contact with Domestic and Interpersonal Violence issues.

If you are looking for high quality, professional education from a teacher/trainer with over 40 years of experience working with and teaching about all types of abuse across all age groups, I am here to serve your training needs. My courses and materials are drawn from my wide range of experience and research.

I continue to teach and live my passion through the House of Peace Publications Virtual Training Center. My books address the transformative healing processes I developed through my own life-changing recovery that I passed on to my counseling clients.

Come join me on the journey to change the world

one day at a time,

one life at a time,

one family at a time.

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