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Syndicated Author, Professional Trainer, Speaker

Available for keynotes, conference breakout sessions, virtual training seminars.


Debra Wingfield, Ed.D., LPC (retired)

has over 40 years experience. She educated psychotherapists in small group trainings and university classrooms for 15+ years. Dr. Wingfield was in private practice for 20+ years focused on treating Adult Children from Dysfunctional Families; Child Abuse Victims; Domestic Violence Victims, Offenders, and Child Witness victims. 

She presented trainings, conferences, workshops, and classroom courses in Domestic Violence Intervention/Treatment, and Addictions related to Domestic Violence. Now these up-dated courses (from her classroom curriculum) and training workshops are made available to you virtually,
using Green Technology.

Dr. Debra has authored several books based on her psychoeducation programs for adult children from dysfunctional families. Currently, she is authoring books on interpersonal violence related to coercive control. Many of the processes in her books are incorporated into her training curriculums.


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Conference Presentations:

  • 20th International Conference on Violence, Abuse, and Trauma and The National Summit on Interpersonal Violence & Abuse Across the Lifespan August 23-26, 2015, San Diego, CA

    Topic: Mama Bear Growls when Custody Case Goes Wrong

    Topic: Innovative Methods of Integrating Interpersonal Violence Education into Professional Training

  • Pueblo DV Symposium (afternoon workshop)—October 21, 2014

                    Topic: Control Freaks Use Coercive Control Pre and Post-Separation

  • 25th Anniversary COVA Conference Keystone, CO October 27 - 30, 2013
             Topic: Mock Protection Order Court: Judge's descion-making revealed

  • 18th International Conference on Violence, Abuse, and Trauma and The National Summit on Interpersonal Violence & Abuse Across the Lifespan September 7-11, 2013, San Diego, CA

          Topic: Communication with Coercive Manipulators: Mediation Challenges of Intimate Partner Abuse in Parenting Time/Custody Cases

  • Pueblo County Child Care Providers Annual Conference September 8, 2012:

Topic: Signs of Child Abuse

  • Pikes Peak Domestic Violence Summit October 5-6, 2011, Colorado Springs, CO

Topic: Child Custody Disputes: Coercive Control Tactics

  • 16th International Conference on Violence, Abuse, and Trauma and The National Summit on Interpersonal Violence & Abuse Across the Lifespan September 11-14, 2011, San Diego, CA

Topic: Games Offenders Play: Coercive Control Tactics across Multiple Settings

  • Colorado SOMB 5th Annual Conference July 13-15, 2011, Breckenridge, CO

Topic:  Games Offenders Play: Coercive Control Tactics across Multiple Settings

  • Colorado SOMB 3rd Annual Conference in conjunction with the DVOMB July 8-10, 2009, Breckenridge, CO

Topic: Family Violence ACE-Based Treatment: A Multidisciplinary Holistic Approach

Community Presentations:

  • Pueblo Early Childhood Council, Kids Count—October 7, 2014

Topic: Toxic Stress Derails Educational Achievement and Economic Productivity

  • ECHO and Family Center Early Childhood Council Legislative Breakfast—September 30, 2014

Topic: Toxic Stress Derails Educational Achievement and Economic Productivity

  • The Greater Pueblo Chamber of Commerce—March 13, 2014

             Topic: Toxic Stress Derails Educational Achievement and Economic Productivity


Teleseminars Presented:

2007- Present 

Presented through House Of Peace Publications Virtual Training Center                         


  • Advanced supervision skills
  • Basic Supervision: Theory & Skills
  • Ongoing Supervision & practice management
  • Batterers Coercive Control Tactics in Relationships
  • Batterers/Domestic Violence Offenders as Parents
  • Disabled Victims of Abuse and Domestic Violence
  • Offender Containment
  • Batterers Coercive Control Tactics in Relationships
  • Using the MCMI-III in Diagnosis with Domestic Violence Offenders
  • DV Matrix: Multi-cultural Issues
  • Resistive Client: DV
  • Criminogenic Needs: Cognitive distortions & Criminal thinking errors
  • Criminogenic Needs: Domestic Violence, Child Abuse, Substance Abuse: The Intersections
  • Criminogenic Needs: Effects of Violence on ChildrenDV Clinical Interviewing
  • DV Laws
  • DV: Motivational Interviewing
  • DV Offender Typologies and Types of Abuse
  • DV: Program/Client management and Program Development 101
  • DV Victims Legal Issues
  • Female Offender Treatment Part I:
  • Female Offender Treatment Part II:
  • Forensic Assessment and Evaluation for DV
  • Forensic Therapy
  • Impact of Domestic Violence on Victims
  • Offender Self Management, Offender Accountability & Offender Contracts
  • Ongoing Assessment: Skills and Tools & Offender Responsivity to Treatment
  • Role of Victim Advocate in Domestic Violence Offender Treatment
  • Trauma Issues
  • Treatment Within the Criminal Justice System
  • Victim Dynamics
  • Transformational Journaling for Healing Souls—Q & A

2008-2009       Presented through Awaken The Author Within

                              Twice weekly Author Coaching with small groups


Contact Dr. Wingfield's office to discuss training and conference presentations

Pueblo West, CO 81007




Books, Articles, Training Manuals:

Wingfield, D. (2014). Eyes Wide Open: Help! with Control Freak Co-Parents. Pueblo West, CO: Wingfield House of Peace Publications.

Wingfield, D. (2011). Through a Child’s Voice: Transformational Journaling. Pueblo West, CO: Wingfield House of Peace Publications.

Wingfield, D. (2008). From darkness to light: Your inner journey. Pueblo West, CO: Wingfield House of Peace Publications.

Wingfield, D. (2008). Adult children from dysfunctional families:  A psychoeducational group facilitators manual (revised). Aurora, CO: Author.

Wingfield, D. (2007). Transformational journaling for recovering souls: 15 guided techniques to recreate your life. Pueblo West, CO: Wingfield House of Peace Publications.

Wingfield, D. & Blocker, L. S. (1998). Development of a certificate training curriculum for domestic violence counseling. Journal of Addictions and Offender Counseling, 18(3), 86-94.

Wingfield, D. (1995). Domestic violence victims and the mental health practitioner. National Coalition Against Domestic Violence VOICE, Summer.

Wingfield, D., and Landman, S. (1994). Treating court-ordered clients: The rewards and pitfalls of a marriage between mental health and criminal justice. Colorado Domestic Violence Coalition Newsletter Winter, 3.

Wingfield, D. (2000). Weekly thought journal for teens. Aurora, CO: Author.

Wingfield, D., Wingfield, C., & Shea, E. (1994). Student assistance program training manual for K-12 school personnel. Pueblo, CO: Author.

Wingfield, D. (1988).  Adult children from dysfunctional families: A psychoeducational group facilitator’s manual. Greeley, CO: Author.


Awards and Nominations:

Regis University, School for Professional Studies, Graduate Programs, Fall, 1997, “Excellence in Teaching” Award.


Committees and Boards:

2007-present      RAINN Speakers Bureau

 2009 - Present   Pueblo County Domestic Violence Task Force

 2001- 2002;   1993-1996        

2010 - Present     Pueblo Early Childhood Council--Public Awareness & Engagement Workgroup  

2008-2009           Pueblo County Human Relations Commission-Gang Task Force

1999 – 2001         Aurora Prevention Partnership—Community Awareness Committee Chair

                                Building Assets in Aurora’s Youth

1999 – 2001          Restorative Juvenile Justice Assets Roundtable--Colorado    

1999 – 2001          CHAI  (Community Help and Abuse Information) Speaker's Bureau

1997 – 2000          CCADV Perpetrator Containment Committee

1994 – 2000          Colorado Domestic Violence Legislation Committee

1994                        Planning Committee “Beyond Abuse and Addiction...Integrating Theory and                                               Practice”

1994-1996               Violence Prevention and Education Team of Pueblo

1992-1993               Weld County Domestic Violence Task Force



Doctor of Education Degree—Counselor Education/Professional Psychology (CACREP approved program) University of Northern Colorado--1993

Post Graduate Courses—Family Therapy—University of Wyoming--1980    

Master of Arts Degree—Counseling and Organizational Psychology—University of West Florida--1975

Bachelor of Arts Degree—Psychology—University of West Florida—1973



Licensed Professional Counselor—State of Colorado #941--since 1994 (Emphasis:  Marriage and Family Therapy)

(Previously) Certified Domestic Violence Counselor— 10th, 13th, and 19th Judicial Districts Colorado



Doctoral Dissertation:  Perceptions of Family of Origin Dynamics by Adults from Alcoholic, Abusive and Chronic Illness Families, March, 1993.

Master’s Thesis:  Transactional Analysis:  Intensive Versus Time-Spaced Counseling To Improve Self-concept Among College Students, September, 1975.


Counselor Teaching Experience:

1994- 2001        
University of Southern Colorado, now Colorado State University-Pueblo
Pueblo, Colorado
Position:  Adjunct professor
Department:  Social Work/Sociology/Psychology

Develop and teach undergraduate and graduate courses in Domestic Violence Counseling, Addiction Treatment, and Psychology.  Taught courses in classroom and through correspondence study.  Modified courses for on-line distance education. (Many Domestic Violence Workshops integrated into courses.)

Regis University, Denver, Colorado
Position: Affiliate Professor
Department:  Psychology/Counseling

Provide course consultation for distance education program.  Teach graduate courses in psychology and counseling in classroom and distance education format.  

1992- 1993      
University of Colorado-Denver, Denver, Colorado
Position:  Adjunct Professor (Master’s Degree Program)           
Department:  Counseling Psychology and Counselor Education

Responsible for teaching existing courses as requested by the department.       

University of Northern Colorado, Greeley, Colorado,
Position:    Practicum Student in College Teaching (Master’s and Doctoral programs)
Department:  Division of Professional Psychology

Duties:  Responsible for assisting regular faculty in teaching courses in Family Therapy, and Understanding and Counseling Minorities

Metropolitan State College of Denver, Denver, Colorado
Position:   Adjunct professor      
Department:  Psychology
Department: Human Services            
Department: Women’s Studies

Duties:  Responsible for teaching existing courses in psychology, addictions, and family therapy theory.  Responsible for developing courses in dysfunctional family processes, stress management, goal setting, and time management.

Aims Community College, Greeley, Colorado
Position:    Part-time Instructor     
Department:  Psychology
Duties:  Responsible for developing and teaching courses in psychology and human relations.         

Colorado State University, Ft. Collins, Colorado
Position:    Continuing Education Instructor
Department:  Psychology
Duties:  Responsible for developing and teaching courses in psychology and human relations.


Child Abuse and Domestic Violence Intervention/Treatment and Training Experience:

January, 1999-to present     
Private Training and Program Evaluation Consulting Practice                                           

Train and educate mental health professionals and community members about family violence, addictions, and prevention options. Provide program development, design, and evaluation consultation to programs addressing prevention, intervention, and treatment of family violence, substance abuse, and school/community violence. 

April, 1988 to January, 1999              
National Institute for Addictive Behaviors, Inc., Aurora, Colorado
Position:  Executive Director    

RESEARCH FOCUS--Develop and implement agency programs in training, program development, and program evaluation.  Develop grant proposals to fund agency programs.  Train workshop participants in prevention, intervention, and treatment of Family Violence and Substance Abuse.  Presented over 50 workshops based on extensive experience and literature review.

PROGRAM FOCUS--Provide counseling services to individuals, groups, and families. Supervise therapists in individual, group, and family therapy. Supervise Domestic Violence Treatment providers.  Administer agency services; direct staff in execution of position.  Manage agency including budget preparation, board reports, recruitment and staff training.  Represent agency on local/statewide committees connected to mission.

February, 1995 to January, 1996          
Parkview Hospital Family Counseling Center, Pueblo, Colorado
Position:  Clinician   

Provide counseling services. Provide specialized psychoeducational treatment groups to Domestic Violence Offenders. Provide individual counseling to victims of all types of abuse. Supervise student interns.

May, 1991 to April, 1992          
Centennial Mental Health Center, Ft. Morgan, Colorado

Position:  Doctoral Internship—Counselor/Staff Development; Provide counseling services to individuals, groups and families primary emphasis abuse victims of all ages.  Develop and provide in-service training to staff in the areas of individual, family, couple, and group therapy. Team member of program evaluation unit.



We look forward to serving your training and speaking needs,
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Dr. Debra


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