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Our Mission & Focus

Repairing the world one person at a time, one family at a time

    • Imagine a world filled with healthy parents -- nurturing and protecting their children from abuse.
    • Imagine a world filled with strong families building strengths in their children.
    • Imagine a world where children are empowered by parents to maximize their potential.
    • Imagine a world where peace and cooperation are highly valued in every family.

Our mission

To educate professionals on prevention and intervention of the long-term,

negative or adverse traumatic effects of

  • Child abuse
  • Witnessing or being a victim of domestic violence/coercive control
  • Animal cruelty
  • Alcohol and other drug abuse on children and the impact throughout their lives.
  • We support a two-pronged approach to healing through intervention and prevention.

We support a major social change to teach healthy parenting and healthy relationship skills prior to birth to prevent the dysfunctional cycle from impacting future generations.

We offer Transformational Journaling for Healing Souls ™ to assist abuse/trauma survivors, adult children from dysfunctional families, and recovering addicts/alcoholics healing tools and skills.

Our most precious resource, our children must no longer be impacted by Adverse Childhood Trauma for our society to grow and move forward.

Our Company

What we do

Provide education/experiential training virtually and in person for counselors, therapists, psychologists, family therapists, attorneys, mediators, and other professionals who

    • Want to deepen their knowledge of the dynamics of interpersonal and family violence that impact their practices
    • Gain skills to implement their knowledge
    • Apply new research-based knowledge and skills into their practice immediately
    • Customized training and presentations available on request

Provide books and other educational materials for

    • Counselors, therapists, psychologists, family therapists, attorneys, and other professionals

who want to deepen their knowledge and apply their skills in addressing interpersonal and family violence with their clients.

Provide books and other educational information to the general public interested in

    • Healing childhood wounds caused by adverse childhood experiences/trauma.
    • Healing adult trauma wounds from interpersonal violence/coercive control.

Courses are offered in the following areas:

    • Legal issues in domestic violence/coercive control advocacy and treatment
    • Domestic/Interpersonal violence/coercive control victim issues
    • Domestic/Interpersonal violence/coercive control offender evaluation and assessment
    • Facilitation and treatment planning for domestic violence/coercive control intervention

and treatment programs

    • Family Court related Domestic/Interpersonal Violence issues

House of Peace Publications staff provide consultation and case management to protective parents, primarily mothers, going through custody or CPS proceedings. Consultation and case management is available on selected cases for victim/survivors of domestic/interpersonal violence.

Wingfield House of Peace Publications provides educational materials for the

Since 1988, Dr. Wingfield developed and presented workshops for professionals to provide services to their clients who were impacted by domestic violence/coercive control and child abuse . Now, you can access those workshops through our virtual training center.

For more information, please contact us or  call our international headquarters 719-647-0652.

Our Vision:

A world free of domestic violence/coercive control and child abuse:

Every child and adult are held precious as gifts

to be nurtured and guided to lead healthy, productive lives.

Send us your name and e-mail address and join our community on the
Transformational Journey To Re-Create Lives and Transform Souls to live healthy, productive lives.

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