From Darkness to Light: Your Inner Journey workbook

Step One in the Transformational Journaling for Healing Souls"™ system...

This combination book and journal Guides YOU on Your Transformational Journey through Technique Explanations, Focus Points™, and Bonuses to Enhance Your Healing Experience. Just Beginning Your Transformational Journey or Well Along The Path? This Guide Helps You Implement Transform Your Soul and Re-Create Your Life Through Conscious Choice. Print version available here; eBook available here

Through a Child's Voice book

Are you a parent helping your children heal from an abusive parent?

Or a therapist looking for ways to help tweens, teens, and adults heal from being abused by a parent?

You have a new Transformational Journaling™ tool to help. The Focus Points™ in this journal are designed to walk children ages 11 and up through their story of living with an abusive parent.

Through a Child’s Voice: Transformational Journaling™ available here

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Abuser Coercive Control Tactics

The Constantly Changing His Spots Leopard Co-Parent (Emotional Abuse)
The Lion King of my Castle Co-parent (Using Male Privilege)
The Sneaky Snake Co-Parent (Using Children)
The Wolf in Sheep*s Clothing Co-Parent (Using Minimization, Denial, and Blaming)
The Pompous Hog Co-Parent (Economic/Financial Abuse)
The Intimidating Badger Co-Parent (Intimidation)
The Threatening Skunk Co-Parent (Threats And Coercion)
The Laughing Hyena Co-Parent (Using Isolation)
The Prickly Porcupine Co-Parent (Spiritual Abuse)
The Slippery Weasel Co- Parent (Litigation Abuse)
The Lying Rat Co-Parent (Using Court-Appointed Professionals)
The Charging Rhinoceros Co-Parent (Using Family Court Judges)
The Stalking Fox Co-parent (Non-Physical Sexual Abuse)
The Chest Beating Gorilla Co-Parent (Physical Abuse)
The Territorial Tiger Co-Parent (Physical Sexual Abuse)


What this book offers you as a co-parent

  •  Help with healing from abusive/coercively controlled interpersonal relationships
  • Use the Coercive Control Assessments to discover how, where, when, and the frequency your former intimate partner/co-parent engaged in coercive control tactics during your relationship and after it ended
  • Acquire Transformational Journaling™ tools you can use to recover from living with and being abused/coercively controlled in an intimate relationship and reclaim your life
  • Put your life on a path of your choosing, not being ruled/coerced/controlled by a former intimate partner/co-parent
  • Take control of your life, your responses to your former intimate partner/co-parent of your children
  • Determine what is best for you without becoming drawn into the whirlpool of emotions your former intimate partner/co-parent seeks to engage you in, in order to coercively control you
  • Set your boundaries from a state of self-empowerment and protect yourself from future abuse or coercive control attempts by your former intimate partner/co-parent
  • Draw from your inner strength to withstand the onslaught of abuse/coercive control attempts by your former intimate partner/co-parent
  • Gain the ability to work toward protection of your children and help them build their own protective factors and acquire resilience skills they will use throughout their lives
  • Empower your children through your behaviors and attitudes as an empowered parent to establish themselves as empowered adults
  • Reduce the chance your children will become abusive/coercive controllers or being abused/coercively controlled in their adult relationships
  • Locate resources to assist you on your journey
  • Develop support connections with other protective parents
  • Know at the deepest level of your being that you are never alone—there are multiple support options available to you

Discover more about control freak co-parents

Coercive Control Tactics (CCT)

Assessment Training

  • Describe the non-physical dynamics of domestic/interpersonal violence identified as Coercive Control Tactics (CCT)/behaviors
  • Draw out specific behavioral pattern descriptions from victim/survivors that result in fear of Retaliation, Revenge, or Being Silenced by the abuse
  • Provide an Assessment Tool developed from extensive literature review, reports from victim/survivors, Observations from Non-abusive Parent Advocates
  • Enable the assessor to identify behaviorally specific patterns abusers use with their co-parent
  • Clarify the extent of Coercive Control Tactic (CCT) Patterns used in the relationship or after separation/divorce
  • Determine the potential for on-going CCT pattern use post-separation/post-divorce
  • Evaluate the impact of CCT patterns related to co-parenting
  • Discern the impacts of CCT patterns on the abuser’s relationship to their co-parent and children 
  • Enable the Assessor to Address safety issues for the non-abusive parent and the children
  • Separate high conflict cases from domestic/Interpersonal violence/abuse cases in making reports to the court
  • Ensure children are in the care and custody of a non-abusive parent with appropriate parenting time for abusive parents
  • Prevent long-term adverse childhood experiences for children of divorcing parents  
  • Recommend abusers be required to attend Domestic/Interpersonal Violence Intervention/Treatment programs with parenting time re-evaluation upon completion of the program



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Debra Wingfield, Ed.D., LPC (Colorado) has 40 years experience educating psychotherapists in small group trainings and university classrooms. Dr. Wingfield practiced professional counseling for over 25 years focused on treating Domestic Violence Victims, Offenders, and Child Witness victims; Adult Children from Dysfunctional Families; Child Abuse Victims.

She presents trainings on Domestic/Interpersonal Violence Dynamics, Addictions related to Domestic/Interpersonal Violence, and Adult Children from Dysfunctional Families. Now these courses (from her classroom curriculum) and training workshops are made available to you virtually,using Green Technology.



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